Providing support to past, present and future members of the Lakeland Police Department.

The Lakeland Police Foundation, Inc. (“Foundation”), a 501(c)(3), was incorporated in 2012 and is not a government entity but acknowledges its affiliation with the Lakeland Police Department (LPD) of the City of Lakeland. The Foundation is committed to a mission to, stated very broadly, provide support to the past, present and future members of the LPD.

Whereas that support will, more often than not, take the form of financial assistance, it is the intent and expectation of the Foundation to, among other projects which provide emotional, non-financial support to the LPD family, raise the considerable funds to plan, construct and maintain a police memorial garden to be located on the LPD premises. Other Foundation benefits are expected to include grants to needy LPD members for the purposes of education and to off-set financial shortfalls befalling LPD members arising from job-related deaths, serious injuries, chronic and terminal illnesses, and natural disasters.    

The members of the Board of Directors, its Treasurer, Registered Agent, attorney and persons providing occasional services for the Foundation are all uncompensated volunteers. Given sufficient future assets, the Foundation may, of course, purchase goods and services, including, perhaps, services of professional fund-raisers, et al. The Foundation does not, however, support or oppose political campaigns, or operate gaming activities for purposes of raising funds. Further, the Foundation does not intend to donate funds, make grants, loans or other distributions to other organizations. It is the expectation of the Foundation that although its mission is directed toward members of the LPD family, that by supporting LPD members, LPD members will be generally strengthened such that the services they provide and the value they supply to the members of the community at large will also be strengthened